Heritage Turkey (6 – 8 People)


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Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch turkeys can trace their genetics 174 years and are the oldest line of turkey in America. This year the flock celebrates its 101st year in the great state of Kansas. This is by far the juiciest, most flavorful bird on the market today.

Good Shepherd turkeys are 100% antibiotic free from the parent stock to the hatching to the harvest and pasture raised on the Kansas prairie. Fans of Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch turkeys include Alice Waters, who says “These birds are without a doubt the tastiest birds you can possibly serve,” and Mario Batali who proudly claims, “I’ve served these birds for my Thanksgiving every year for the past 13 years and always will.”

Dinner (6-8 people) also includes:

1 Pint Heritage Pan Gravy with Giblets
Less work for you, more time for other things.

1 Pint Cape Cod Cranberry & Winter Fruit Relish
Bursting with whole, plump, tart cranberries, this recipe is an essential component of any Thanksgiving feast. Not bad on the sandwiches the day after either.

1 Quarts Classic New England Stuffing
Big chunks of buttery sourdough bread, herbs, and onions.

2 Quarts of 3 of Our Family Shares
This is a tough call, but each one is a family favorite! Choose from the list below of scratch made sides.

1 Dozen Cheddar Pull-Apart Rolls with Sweet Butter

1 Whole Baked Pie

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