Introducing Our Newest Team Member!

Both sexy and sophisticated, this team member will go a long way in seducing guests and helping to improve our image. Showcasing lovely curves and a graceful smile. Durable, strong and fun to hold. Sometimes shimmering with exotic spices. Sometimes classically dressed for a night on the town. And sometimes just lazing away the afternoon on one of our patios. I hope this team member is seen all over (and everyone wants to be seen with them). We interviewed a lot of candidates, but in the end we had to go with this choice; everyone loved the look, everyone loved the feel, and everyone loved the charm. Introduce this member to anyone and everyone, they really have a great spirit for the job…Our new coupe cocktail glass: Cardinal #794278I know, I know, you are blown away by the excitement (and my poetic license). This is going to be an additional glass on your bar and will probably end up being our main cocktail glass rather than the standard Martini glass, which will be used for a much more limited and defined set of drinks.  This is a great extension of our new and improved Bar program being rolled out across the Max Restaurant Group. Stop in try a great classically made cocktail in this new glass – we know you will enjoy it!


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