Thursty Thursdays @ Max’s Oyster Bar – Local Brews with Local Seafood

Blue-Point-Brewing-LogoMax’s Oyster Bar in West Hartford will be offering a regional pairing of Local Brews with Local Seafood.  Each week in February we will pick a New England region and pair a selection of local seafood along with a local craft brew from that area.  Starting this week for Thursty Thursday @ Max, we will be promoting Bluepoint Brewing Co from Patchogue, NY, along with a 1/2 dozen plate of Bluepoint Oysters, all for $9.  What better way to celebrate local farming than with local seasonal products and great local brews.

Upcoming specials may include Thimble Island Brewing with Thimble Island Clams, Narraganset Brewing with Rhode Island Oysters, Harpoon Brewing with Massachusetts Oysters, Maine Brewing Company with Maine Lobsters , Rogue Ale with Washington State Oysters, or whatever combination we can think of.

At Max Restaurant Group we are very pleased to announce a new initiative at each of our locations: Thursty Thursdays @ Max.  Come into any Max location on Thursdays and discover a great special only available that night.  Each month our locations will have new promotion that will be available on Thursdays.  These will change from week to week and month to month, so check back here or subscribe to our Social Media sites to get the latest updates on what we are offering.  Some of the creative offering may include drink and food specials, half-priced wines, or special tastings – the choices are limitless and are designed to give our loyal patrons another great reason to join us.  Whether you are winding down your week or getting your weekend kicked-off, this is a great opportunity to discover the fabulous sections of beers, wine, and cocktails at each of our locations.

Thursty Thursdays @ Max, just another great reason to join us. 

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